The path is everywhere

-Matt Licata

AMANE curated recognizes the need to integrate a thread of Awareness through all domains of life.

The existent pressure to arrive at the podium of socio-cultural expectations is one of the reasons for the fragmentation within our collective psyche, as well as one of the main causes of depression, anxiety, addictions and emotional traumas. As the world in which we root our identities continues to fracture into separated particles, such as religion, sexuality, business and spirituality, our identities divides with it as well, while in fact they could be experienced as one living ecosystem. AMANE curated recognizes the need to integrate a thread of Awareness through all domains of life. We believe in providing people with an intimate (retreat) container of wisdom and the opportunity to cultivate a closer relationship with the teachers and the essence of what they share. We are platform hosting educational programs and retreats provided by a select number of leaders in the fields of Holistic Sciences, Meditation, Yogic philosophy, Movement and Art-expressions. We offer only a handful of courses per year. We keep them intimate, deep, and with limited occupancy to fully support each individual as they process and integrate the experience.

Behind AMANE

Eric Alessi

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Eric has been devoted to meditative practices since the age of 16. By 19 years old he moved to Asia, which allowed him to meet revered teachers from East and the west, finding cohesion between Tantric disciplines and the Zen tradition. He often retreats in isolation throughout the lands of Thailand and India, to then return to fast paced lifestyle where he integrates and shares the fruits of Silence with others. In addition to the blessings of his mentors, he brings long experience as a teacher and Director of Meditation and Yogic education programs in Shanghai, to form and shape the AMANE curated project

Maanee Chrystal

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Maanee Chrystal is above all, a deeply passionate truth seeker. Through her rich and diverse life experience, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty & empathy that fuels her connection with others in a way that honors the softness and vulnerability of our heart. These are the qualities she brings in the development and offering of AMANE curated. Maanee is a holistic psychotherapist, dance therapist, conscious sexuality educator, with a rich background of study in western mysticism and Tantra. She is also the founder of The Embodied Feminine Therapeutic dance journeys for women – A unique body of work offered internationally through workshops and teacher training in the areas of depth psychology, dance therapy and sexuality.

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